Thu, August 24th

13:30-13:45 Opening Remarks

13:45-14:50 Keynote 1



Haibo Chen  (Distinguished Professor, Shanghai Jiao Tong University)

Experiences with Learned Systems: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly 
Talk Abstract

14:50-15:40 Session 1: Operating Systems, Session Chair: Youngjin Kwon (KAIST)


Alain Tchana  (Grenoble INP); Dorian Goepp  (Univ. Grenoble Alpes); Stella Bitchebe (McGill University); Renaud Lachaize (Univ. Grenoble Alpes)

xOS: the end of the reign of the process-thread duo


Zoltan A. Kocsis, Mathieu Paturel, Isitha Subasinghe, Gernot Heiser (UNSW Sydney)

First steps in verifying the seL4 core platform

15:40-16:00 Coffee Break

16:00-17:15 Session 2: Compute, Storage, and Networking, Session Chair: Kyongsoo Park (KAIST)


Zhida An (Tsinghua University); Ding Li, Yao Guo (Peking University); Guijin Gao, Yuxin Ren (Huawei Technologies); Ning Jia (Huawei Group); Xinwei Hu (Huawei)

Towards OS heterogeneity-aware cluster management for HPC 


Qiuping Wang , Patrick P. C. Lee (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

ZapRAID: toward high-performance RAID for ZNS SSDs via zone append 


Inho Choi, Nimish Wadekar, Raj Joshi (National University of Singapore); Joshua Fried (MIT); Dan R. K. Ports, Irene Zhang (Microsoft Research); Jialin Li (National University of Singapore)

Capybara: uSecond-scale live TCP migration 

18:00 ~  Banquet - Ballroom 1 (sponsored by Ant Research)




Friday, August 25th

9:00-9:30 Morning Coffee

9:30-10:20 Session 3: Security I, Session Chair: Hyungon Moon (UNIST)


Georgios C. Androutsopoulos (Purdue University); Giorgos Kappes, Stergios V. Anastasiadis (University of Ioannina)

Quantifying the Security Profile of Linux Applications


Mohamed Husain, Xiaoguang Wang, Binoy Ravindran (Virginia Tech)


Understanding the Security of Linux eBPF Subsystem

10:20-10:50 Break

10:50-12:15 Session 4: Systems for ML, Session Chair: Feng Qian (University of Southern California)


Daon Park, Sungbin Jo, Bernhard Egger (Seoul National University)

Improving Throughput-oriented Generative Inference with CPUs  


Shen Cai, Zhi Zhou, KongYanGe Zhao, Xu Chen (Sun Yat-sen University)

Cost-Efficient Serverless Inference Serving with Joint Batching and Multi-Processing


Woohyeon Baek (Seoul National University); Jonghyun Bae (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory); Donghyun Lee, Hyunwoong Bae, Yeonhong Park, Jae W. Lee (Seoul National University)

Liquid: Mix-and-Match Multiple Image Formats to Balance DNN Training Pipeline  

12:05-13:45 Lunch: Ballroom 1 (sponsored by FriendliAI)

13:45-14:45 Keynote 2



Jaeyeon Jung   (Executive VP and Head of SmartThings, Mobile Experience Business, Samsung Electronics)

Behind the scenes of SmartThings  
Talk Abstract

14:45-15:15 Coffee Break

15:15-16:30 Session 5: Security II, Session Chair: Byongyoung Lee (Seoul National University)


Yuki Nakata (SAKURA internet Inc.); Shintaro Suzuki, Katsuya Matsubara (Future University Hakodate)

Reducing Attack Surface with Container Transplantation for Lightweight Sandboxing


Yang Xu, Zhuotai Chen (South China University of Technology)

Family Classification based on Tree Representations for Malware


Atsushi Koshiba, Felix Gust, Julian Pritzi (Technical University of Munich); Anjo Vahldiek-Oberwagner (Intel Labs); Nuno Santos (INESC-ID / Instituto Superior Tecnico, University of Lisbon); Pramod Bhatotia (Technical University of Munich)

Trusted Heterogeneous Disaggregated Architectures

16:30-16:40 Closing Remarks